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TANMONDIAL is a key player in the Agricultural Soft commodity markets of West Africa, India, Vietnam and Singapore. It has established itself as a preferred supplier to processing multinationals worlwide in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Far East. With expertise gained over the years it has built a reputation of Trust, Reliability and Efficiency throughout all of its Companies. Central to TANMONDIAL’s success is its practical knowledge of the Sub-Saharan terrain; garnered through extensive research and by inculcating adept practices of cross-cultural skills. The companies commitment to social responsibility by implementing sustainable practices in local communities further cements it’s bond with the community systems.
Countries of Operation
  • Ivory Coast
  • Ghana
  • Nigeria
  • Niger
  • Burkina Faso
  • Mali
  • Benin
  • Guinea Conakary
  • Singapore
  • Vietnam
  • India


TANMONDIAL’s advent into Agro Soft Commodity business has been extremely successful, enabling it to gain entry into many of the Sub-Saharan African countries and creating an origination base spanning several countries in this region.
  • Cashew
  • Sheanut
  • Timber
  • Sesame
  • Coffee
  • Cocoa
  • Rice
  • Spices

Across Continents:

The combinaiton of strong economic growth, higher global agricultural prices, demand for commodities and improved policy environment has generated the most conducive conditions for Agricultural growth.

As the world’s demand for commodities rises, TANMONDIAL’s strategy of vertical integration and geographical spread has enabled it to build a competitive position in the industry.

Spotlight on

“Africa is the fastest growing economic region in the world. This is the right place to invest.” says Aliko Dangote, President and CEO, Dangote Group, Co-chair of the World Economic Forum on Afrcia.

This statement further collaborated by the International Monetary Fund Forecast that the Sub-Saharan African region will be the second fastest growing region in the world; just behind developing Asian economies which include China.

Facts about 

  • Large Commodity Producers
  • 287 Million People
  • 70% of Population Relies on Agriculture
  • 22 Countries
  • Millions of small family run farms between
    2-10ha provides nutrition, gives food security and aids in poverty reduction
  • 1600+ Ethnic Groups