About Us

TANMONDIAL is a Singapore based Agro-soft commodity company.
We are a multi-entity holding company operating across the dynamic continents of Africa and Asia; therefore enabling us to capitalize on the enormous benefits of a rising Africa-Asia trade flow.

Our core focus is on Origination and the subsequent handling of physical commodities. Managed by a professional team of over 200 employees across sectors including: Banking, Trading, Operations and Procurement. Our experience through decades of working in various countries in the region of West Africa gives us the strategic advantage in moving considerable volumes of Agro-Commodities by containerized and bulk vessel shipments across the globe.

Culture & Values

Culture & Values (Click)

Culture & Values

  • * Co-operation through people centric values and shared goals
  • * Team based organization
  • * Accountability and Credibility
  • * Commitment and Integrity
  • * Mutual Respect
  • * Open to Change
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Timeline (Click)


Product and Operation diversity is crucial in Agro-Commodity business

  • * 2004 This year marks the beginning of an era of expansion in Burkina Faso
  • * 2005 Ivory Coast (Cote d’ Ivoire)
  • * 2006 Mali
  • * 2007 SINGAPORE – In the first of many growth oriented moves,the parent company was incorporated
  • * 2008 Togo
  • * 2009 Ghana, Nigeria, Niger, Guinea Conakary
  • * 2010 India, Vietnam
  • * 2012 Benin
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Founder (Click)


Getting to know: Sumit Kumar Paul

  • * A technocrat with a background in Agribusiness management
  • * Recognized the potential of Agribusiness in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • * Known for his acumen of the geo-political dynamics of West African
  • * Decades of expertise in the Agro-commodity business
  • * Sustainable development of Agribusiness is the guiding vision
  • * Social responsibility by implementing sustainable practices cements bonding with local communities
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Trading in physical commodities poses a number of highly detailed and critical logistical, warehousing, transportation and shipment challenges. These involve significant planning and management including the transportation of a variety of agricultural commodities by land and sea as well as the planning and tracking of shipments.
TANMONDIAL has developed significant expertise in this area as it is vital to our credibility and enhances our value as a trader. We own and operate warehouses that facilitate quality control and the storage of goods with necessary care. In addition we operate an in-house transportation fleet therefore ensuring outstanding customer service across all areas of International trade.

Our team is proficient in giving their utmost attention to reviewing minute details, flexibility to meeting challenges, dedication to work commitment and knowledge of cross-cultural work patterns has enabled us to sustain enduring customer relationships through innumerable global economic cycles.