The global coffee industry earns an estimated $60billion annually. The word “Coffee” probably comes from Kaffa, a region in Ethiopia where coffee beans were first discovered in the 9th century. Used both as food and drink by tribesmen in the region, coffee has now evolved into a global phenomenon of extravagant proportions. Coffee is today the second most consumed beverage in the world, second only to water. A universal drink with considerable economic impact it is the most traded agricultural product in the world in terms of volume.

On the west coast of Africa, the Ivory Coast is one of the world’s largest producers of Robusta variety of coffee. Strongly aromatic with a light body and acidity they are ideally suited for a darker roast and often used in espresso blends. The coffee sector in West Africa is poised for dramatic growth boosted by new growing demand in Asia along with traditionally mature European markets. Capitalizing on this upward demand for Coffee TANMONDIAL has strengthened procurement at unit levels. Our business is centered on the teamwork of our skilled
management and on-ground team; thereby ensuring our procurement reach at the source of origination. The vital need to ensure drying at the point of purchase has further increased the quality levels of the beans exported. This smooth flow of coffee from small holding farmers to our client’s factories is at the very heart of our coffee business.



The Food of the Gods

Human consumption of Cocoa dates back 4,000 years to the pre-Olmec people of Mesoamerica. During the Aztec Empire, Cocoa beans were believed to be the gift of Quetzalcoatl, the God of Wisdom and were so highly valued that they were also used as a form of currency. It was in the 1500’s that Spanish friars introduced chocolate to Europe. With the addition of Sugar, it became enormously popular as a drink commonly known as “Hot Chocolate”.

Today, four of the top ten Cocoa producing countries are from West Africa, amongst which Ivory Coast and Ghana alone produce 60% of the world’s Cocoa. Due to the increased consumption of chocolates and it’s derivatives in emerging markets of India and China; besides the demand in traditional markets of America and Europe – the chocolate industry is poised for a growth of about 30% in the coming years.

TANMONDIAL’s conscious efforts towards sustainability throughout it’s operations has motivated it to undertake the monumental task of implementing sustainability programs to Cocoa production in Ivory Coast.
Some 900,000 Cocoa farmers depend on the production of Cocoa cultivated in family plantations of 10-12 acres for their livelihood. We finance and support the farmers and their co-operatives to help them efficiently grow Cocoa while protecting the ecological environment. We also work by training farmers to help them grow the crop more efficiently. The farmer co-operatives then work towards earning certification for high-quality beans. Thereby, assisting them in seeking a better price for their produce at the buying center. We are hopeful that one of the programs legacies is likely to be a generation of young Ivorians who view Cocoa farming as a viable and profitable career option; improving on the practices of their forefathers whilst continuing to cultivate the farmlands in preference of urban migration. With the initiative thus taken towards sustainability TANMONDIAL is today a certified Rainforest Alliance Cocoa exporter.